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Background Check Elite pools thousands of independent databases to provide virtually every type of background check, completely free.

How does this website work?

Background Check Elite lets you search thousands of different resources so you can do your own free background checks. You can go to databases for different cities, counties, and states in every corner of the country. We?ve got tons of information. How deep you want to dig is up to you.

Is this really free? What?s the catch?

Yes ? it's completely free. The catch is that doing background checks (or anything in life) can take some work. Checking someone?s financials or criminal records takes time and effort, even though we give you all the resources. Depending on how much your time is worth, you may want to use our premium service, which will pull up all the answers you?re looking for in seconds. There?s a small fee for the convenience, because some of those databases require heavy subscription fees, and although we think of ourselves as pretty nice, we have to pass along that cost to you so we can keep the lights on.

Free service vs. Premium service?

It really all comes down to how much your time is worth. If you make $10-15 per hour, it?s probably not worth your time to spend hours digging through bank records and arrest reports. You can pay $20 or $30, and get an instant background check right now.

So, if you?d prefer to do the work yourself, you?re welcome to ? and we have some great free resources. If, on the other hand, you?d prefer to spend your afternoon sitting on a lawn chair sipping a beverage instead of hunched over a computer, you can get the instant report. Either is ok, and it?s totally up to you. Good luck!

Does Background Check Elite have public records?

As our name suggests, Background Check Elite contains resources that are specifically geared towards background checks and investigations. If you're looking for more general public records, we suggest you try a larger, more general public records site like

Getting started

If you want to get an instant report just plug the person?s name into the premium search box (on the right) and click ?Instant Search.? You can see the records before you buy them, so you know you've found what you're looking for. These companies are huge, billion dollar U.S. corporations, not some guy in Romania with a website trying to rip you off.

If you want to search for free, use the free search box (on the left). Select a type of resource you want to find (e.g. property records, bankruptcy records, etc), and the state (e.g. Alabama, New Jersey, etc.) to look in, then click ?Start Searching.? From there you will see a list of resources in that area. You can go to each of these and start your research.

Keep in mind that there is an art to background checks. For example, if you want to do a criminal background check, you might want to look for criminal records, but you should also check other resources such as arrest records, sex offender records, court records, etc. as well. If you?re new to background check research, you might find our knowledge base (which are quick tutorial articles) very helpful. (e.g. criminal records check, how to do a nanny background check, or completely free background check).

This is a great website ? what else should I know?

Thanks ? we?re constantly working to improve the site. Check back often as we frequently add new databases, sometimes as often as every few days. You may want to bookmark this site so you can find us again. If you have a bookmarking service, you can add it here:

In addition to all the free tools, we have some great professional resources. These are most appropriate when it?s critical to get it right. For example, for someone who is going to use a background check as part of the hiring process (as a pre-employment screen). There are some very important legal issues to doing this. If you fall into this category, you should definitely read our knowledge base article on how to do a pre-employment background check. A mistake here can cost you thousands (or more) so make sure you see what lawyers advise. Also, since there are a lot of federal laws related to this that make it difficult for an individual to avoid the pit-falls, we have partnerships with some great full-service background check firms. These are low-cost, thorough, and will keep you out of the legal frying pan.

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