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Employee Background Checks

Why do employers conduct employee background checks?

Employee background checks are conducted to evaluate and verify the qualifications of prospective employees.  Employee background screening enables companies both large and small to mitigate security risks like employee theft and workplace violence, and confirms the credentials, experience, and education of potential hires.  Background checks help employers to find significant and relevant information that may have been omitted from resumes and interviews, whether intentional or not.  Employment screening has increased dramatically in recent years, mirroring the rise of negligent hiring cases.   In some industries, background checks are required by law, but in all industries, employee background checks are now standard operating procedure.  Hiring a new employee without a background check is generally considered negligence.

Should I perform employee background checks for my business?

The data speak for themselves:

·         45% of potential employees have either a Criminal Record, Bad Credit History, Bad Driving Record, or Workmen's Compensation Claim

American Databank


·         45% of all resumes contain at least one major fabrication

The Society for Human Resource Management.


·         30% of small business failure is caused by employee theft

U.S. Department of Commerce


·         Nearly 2 Million violent crimes occur in the workplace each year

U.S Department of Justice


·         79% of employers lose negligent hiring cases

Public Personnel Management

There are many more scary statistics, but the point is clear: every potential employee needs to be screened.  The U.S Department of Justice reports that 1 out of every 6 violent crimes occurs in the workplace.  If you hire a criminal, you may be liable, not only for breaches in fiduciary responsibility, but also for civil and personal damages as well.

What should be included in an employee background check?

An employee background check should include the following records (at a minimum):

·         Nationwide & State Criminal Records: Charges, Offenses, Dispositions, Sentences, Arrest File Dates & Case Numbers


·         Marriage & Divorce Records


·         Bankruptcies, Tax Liens, Judgments, & Law Suits


·         Address History, Phone Numbers, & Property Records


·         Full Name, Maiden Name (if applicable), Age, & Aliases


·         Relatives, Neighbors, & Associates


What are the important legal matters?

Employee background checks are different from personal background checks, because they require the consumer to follow specific Federal and State law.  Employers should familiarize themselves with these laws, starting with the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) before moving forward with any background check, or search.  The FCRA does not require employers to conduct employee background checks, but rather provides a set of national standards when employers decide to perform a background check.  The FCRA defines a background check as a "consumer report" and mandates employers to get written authorization from a prospective employee before performing any employee background check.  Any adverse action taken as a result of information found in the consumer report, necessities certain procedures that can be reviewed, along with the complete Fair Credit Reporting Act (PDF) at If you fail to follow these specific procedures, you are exposing yourself to substantial litigation risk.  Employers of all sizes are subject to these laws as the FCRA makes no distinction between large corporations and small business owners. 

How do I use Background Check Elite to perform employee background checks?

Background Check Elite uses its ever growing database of literally thousands of public records to bring you any and all relevant results quickly and easily.  Bear in mind the legal issues before you perform a search on a potential employee.  Background Check Elite is not acting as your attorney or legal counsel.  Please review the legal disclaimer for full information.  Criminal Records are a logical place to start your investigative search and depending on the scope of your business, or the resume of your prospective employee, you may want to search through Probation Records, Motor Vehicle Records, Military Records, Inmate Records, Civil Records, Business Alias, or Bankruptcy Records.  How deep you need to look, and what records you decide not to verify is up to you.  Consider your risk tolerance and particular business needs.  As a service to you, we offer a premium service which can deliver extensive results immediately.  At any point in your search, you can retrieve a complete background check instantly by entering the individual's name into the search box on the right.