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Nanny Background Check

Why do Parents Conduct Nanny Background Checks?

A Nanny Background Check is conducted by parents, or legal guardians to verify the identity, safety, qualifications, and personal history of a prospective nanny.  Parents are entrusting their children to the care of a stranger, and want to know what skeletons a person may be hiding in their closet.  Are they a registered sex offender? Do they have an arrest record, if so, for what and when...the questions are as frightening as they are endless, and unfortunately, very necessary to ask.  Sometimes it might not be a glaring criminal record, but perhaps they have lied about some piece of their background, like have they been divorced, declared bankruptcy, have a pending lawsuit against them...why didn't they disclose such facts, or better yet, why would they lie about it?  Is that someone who can be trusted?  Better yet, is this someone who can be trusted with your children?  Parents who perform nanny background checks want to answer such questions and know precisely who is watching their kids.

Do I Really Need To Perform A Nanny Background Check?

We don't believe that every person carries a chequered past, or evil agenda.  The reality is, you will probably get lucky.  For parents that don’t want to leave their kids’ well-being to luck (and I would assume that’s everyone…), , you should seek definite answers. When it comes to the safety and well-being of your children, we can all agree that “pretty-good” is not good enough.  It may sound like a daunting task to do the required research, but what you may not realize, is that these answers are readily and freely available and are at your fingertips!  

Keep in mind some of the research provided by the Bureau of Justice Statistics and others:

·         Nearly 5 of every 6 sexual assaults of young juveniles occurred in a residence.

            U.S. Department of Justice


·         Studies show that while the statistics on most other forms of violent crime are dramatically decreasing, reports of child abuse and neglect have risen since 1993.

            Prevent Child Abuse America


·         An incident of child abuse is reported, on average, every l0 seconds. More than 2.9 million reports were made in 2003; the actual incidence is presumed to be much higher.

                        Child Study Center, NYU School of Medicine


·         For violent crime, about half occurred within a mil