Free Background Check

Free Background Checks

A few of the common questions we get...

What is a Background Check?

A Background Check is an investigative process of probing criminal records, property records, financial records, commercial records, and other public records to provide a detailed aggregation of available information about an individual. 

Simply put, a Background Check fills in the blanks about a person.  It answers the W questions: Who, What, Where, & When. 

Why have Background Checks increased in quantity & importance?

The assurance of safety and security is priority one for most people, whether it be for their family, or business.  Consider the following research:

·         For violent crime, about half occurred within a mile from home and 76% within five miles.

            Bureau of Justice Statistics


·         Nearly 5 of every 6 sexual assaults of young juveniles occurred in a residence.

            U.S. Department of Justice


·         67% percent of all victims of sexual assault reported to the participating law enforcement agencies were juveniles (under the age of 18); 34% of all victims were under age 12.

            Bureau of Justice Statistics


·         For murder victims, 43% were related to or acquainted with their assailants.

            Bureau of Justice Statistic


·         49% of juvenile kidnappings are perpetrated by family members, 27% by an acquaintance and 24% by a stranger.

            Bureau of Justice Statistics


·         30% of small business failure is caused by employee theft

U.S. Department of Commerce


·         45% of potential employees have either a Criminal Record, Bad Credit History, Bad Driving Record, or Workmen's Compensation Claim

American Databank

People realize the need to know who they are dealing with when it comes to their close personal circle.  Whether it be a nanny or babysitter, coach or tutor, home contractor or new neighbor, prospective tenant or employee, people are making sure that the individuals who are near their home, business, or family are indeed what and who they say they are. 

Can Background Check Elite give me background checks for free?

Yes, but we don't just hand you a complete background check for free.  You will have to do your own legwork.  Actually, if you’ve looked around, you’ve probably realized that there is no website anywhere on the internet that will do all the work, collate all the data, and provide it to you free of charge.  Why? Well to access the large databases that keep this information, companies have to pay very heavy subscription fees.  It takes an enormous amount of money and time to handle the website and database architecture required to sustain that type of resource.  No one will spend millions of dollars, and pay constant subscription fees building something for free.  But you already knew that.

The good news is that Background Check Elite DOES have something that no other site has...

We have built a systematized database that literally contains hundreds of thousands of public records.  To make the results usable, we have categorized them by location and type of resource.  Using the website is easy – just pick what you’re looking for in the search box drop down menus to easily navigate through all of our resources and conduct your own free background checks.  This is free, because you do your own legwork, we simply provide you with thousands of organized resources to do so. Select your SEARCH TYPE and LOCATION in the left-hand search box.  If you don’t want to do all the work yourself, the search box on the right-hand side is designed for those that would like to search by an  individual's name, want instant results, and are willing to spend a few bucks to save themselves hours of research. 

I want to know what records are included in most "paid"  background checks...this way I will know what records I need to access to perform my own free background checks!

A "paid" background check pulls available information from statewide, or nationwide criminal records, as well as other relevant public records.  When existing, the following data is then aggregated for the consumer:

·         Arrest Dates, Charges, & Offenses


·         Case Numbers, Sentences, & Dispositions


·         Marriage & Divorce Records


·         Bankruptcies, Tax Liens, Judgments, & Law Suits


·         Address History, Phone Numbers, & Property Records