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What Are Birth Records?

Birth Records are Vital Records that document the birth of a child with official registration forms called Birth Certificates. 

As with all Vital Records, Birth Records are kept by governmental authority at the state level.  The United States National Center for Health Statistics creates standardized forms to document births, but states are free to use their own forms, and as such, birth certificates can vary from state to state.   Forms are completed by hospital personnel, or attending physicians at birth and forwarded to local, or state registrars where they are stored.  Certified copies are issued by state registrars upon request. 

Birth Records typically include the child's name, date and place of birth, sex, information about the doctors who assisted in the birth, and the information about the parents, including their names, address, birthdates, race, etc.  There are various types of certified copies that a state can issue, including "long forms" that are photocopies of the official birth certificate which include all of the aforementioned information, as well as "short forms" that certify the existence of the actual birth certificate, include less details, and are commonly titled either "Certification of Birth", "Certificate of Birth Registration", or "Certification of Live Birth". 

Are Free Birth Records Really Accessible Online?

Many states protect and restrict the release of vital records, and thus, only a few states and counties make Birth Records available online.  In fact, aside from a Social Security Number, a person's Birth Record is arguably the most difficult record to obtain online.  This is primarily to guard against Identity Theft, but also partially due to the lack of motivation and sophistication of state governments to digitize what has traditionally been a paper-based records system.  Nonetheless, there are available resources to help you track down birth records.  These resources are few and far between, but ALL of which are freely accessible through Background Check Elite's database.  One of our favorite resources, enables users to verify the birth date & place of an individual, as well as their age.  This powerful tool is essential to verifying an individual's identity during your investigation, and also is nice to utilize when you can't remember an important birthday! 

How To Perform A Free Birth Records Search At Background Check Elite:

As previously stated, Birth Records fall under the Vital Records Category, and as such, you can access Birth Records, along with Death Records under the Resource Type "Vital Records" at BackgroundCheckElite.Com. You can use the drop down menu in the left-hand search box by selecting "Vital Records" for the SEARCH TYPE, followed by your LOCATION selection.  Of course, remember that finding Birth Records are extremely difficult to find in many cases, if you need instant results, want to search by name, or need a complete background report, simply type the name of the individual into the right-hand search box to conduct a premium search.


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