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What Are Death Records?

Death Records certify the time, date, location, & cause of person's death, as well as providing the necessary identifying information of age and sex on an official document called a Death Certificate.  Death Certificates are signed by a doctor and are issued by public officials, such as city, or town clerk. 


Death Records fall under the Vital Records category, but unlike Birth & Marriage Records, Death Records in some detail are much more accessible online.  Also, in direct contrast to Birth Certificates & Marriage Licenses, Death certificates can be acquired by almost any individual in many cases, regardless of their relationship to deceased.  Some state law, and HIV confidentiality rules may cause the exact cause of death to be expunged on Death Certificates issued to the general public.   Provisions are available for immediate family members. 


What Can I Find Out By Performing A Free Death Records Search?


·         Finding (or not finding) Death Records can be necessary for identification verification in some cases

·         Through researching Social Security Death Index resources, and the Online Archives of Newspaper Obituaries, you can combat potential identify theft

·         Death Records are an essential source for genealogy (family tree) research

·         Cemetery & Grave Locators can help you find where a loved one has been buried


How Can I Use Background Check Elite to Conduct A Free Death Records Search?

There are an array of free Death Records resources available at Background Check Elite - Social Security Death Index Searching, Cemetery & Grave Locators, Online Archives of Newspaper Obituaries, as well as State Government and Third Party Database Collections.

To access these Death Records resources from our free drop down menus, simply select "Vital Records" for your SEARCH TYPE with your desired LOCATION in the left-hand search box.  If you don't find resources that meet your needs for your selected state, don't forget to search "Federal" under the LOCATION drop down menu.  Keep in mind that Federal resources do not include state or county specific resources.  You may find pertinent resources using this location selection that you previously might have missed.  At any point in your investigation you can utilize our right-hand premium search box if you'd like to search by name, or need instant & complete results on an individual. 

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