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What Are Divorce Records?

Divorce Records include both the divorce decree and divorce certificate.  The divorce decree is the official court order documenting and granting the termination of a marriage.  If the divorce case went through trial, than the judge will issue a judgment, which is confirmed upon the judge signing the divorce decree, along with the court clerk.  The divorce decree and divorce certificate each include the names of both parties involved, the date and place where the divorce proceedings and settlement have occurred, as basic details about the divorce.  The divorce decree however contains ALL of the specific details about divorce, including all the results of the settlement.  Divorce Records fall under the category of Vital Records, along with Birth Records, Marriage Records, and Death Records. 


Why Perform A Divorce Records Search?

People typically search for Divorce Records for the following reasons:

·         To probe an individual's relationship history

·         To validate someone's claims and verify their identity and past

·         For Genealogy Research - The Family Tree

·         In Family Law Cases

Are Divorce Records Even Accessible Online?

Yes, but many people have no idea how, or better yet where to look!

Many states protect and restrict the release of Vital Records; therefore, only select states and counties make Divorce Records available online.  In fact, official Divorce Records are even more difficult to find than official Marriage Records.  For those that are in need of a certified copy of a divorce decree, you can write to your local County Clerk or Vital Statistics Office.  The directory list of local offices is located here for your reference and convenience. 

Most often though, people don't need a certified divorce decree, they are simply looking for the information on the decree.  They don't realize that although Divorce Decrees are often difficult to obtain, Divorce Records data are quite accessible online.  The roadblock occurs in the search for Divorce Records, when people center their search query exclusively around "Divorce Records".  The avenue to finding Divorce Records lies in the rather obvious fact that divorces are processed through the courts.  By searching through "Court Records", "Civil Records" and other similar resources you can locate much of the information that is included on a divorce decree. 

Some of this data includes:

  • The Names of the Individual Parties
  • Details regarding the Divorce
  • Dates surrounding the Divorce, including court dates and hearings

Divorce cases are often found under "Marriage Dissolution" when searching Court Records.  For those looking for recent divorces, keep in mind that in all states there are mandatory waiting periods before divorces are finalized.  There can also be some time before finalized divorces are filed.

How Can Background Check Elite To Conduct A Free Divorce Records Search?

The database at Background Check Elite database contains ALL the Divorce Records resources that are available to you online.  You can access Divorce Records information in a few different ways.  In the drop down menu, choose your LOCATION (e.g. California) then select one of the following resources for your SEARCH TYPE: "Marriage and Divorce Records", "Court Records", or "Civil Records".  You will find that records vary significantly by state and within each state.  As with many of the Vital Records, Divorce Records are some of the most difficult records to find online for free.  If you want to search by name, or need instant results, you can perform a complete background check by typing the individual's name into the premium right-hand search box.