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What Are Marriage Records?

Marriage Records fall under the Vital Records category and are the official registration documents that prove a couple was legally married.  These include the Marriage License and the Certificate of Marriage.  The Marriage License is issued by a church or state authority and is a requirement in every state in the United States.   Marriage ceremonies are not recognized without a previously acquired Marriage License.  The Marriage Certificate officially documents that a marriage ceremony took place, and in most states, signatures are required from both spouses, the marriage ceremony officiator, and one or two witnesses.   In the United States, the Certificate of Marriage and Marriage License are recorded on the same document, along with the Marriage Application. 


Keep in mind, in some jurisdictions, circumstances like a common-law marriage, or marriage by cohabitation will not require a Marriage License.  Additionally, if the validity of a marriage was challenged, but the offense later pardoned, a Marriage License may not be required.


Why Do People Search Marriage Records?

Finding Marriage Records can be useful for the following:

·         Validate someone's relationship history

·         Verify an Individual's Identity & Past

·         Genealogy (Family Tree) Research

·         Family Law Cases

How To Use Background Check Elite To Perform A Free Marriage Records Search:

Many states protect and restrict the release of vital records, and thus, only a few states and counties make Marriage Records available online.  There are easily accessible Marriage Records resources for some states and counties however.  Background Check Elite's sizeable database houses ALL the available Marriage Records resources, which you can access by selecting your given LOCATION and selecting "Marriage & Divorce Records" for your SEARCH TYPE.  Some states will offer considerably more resources than others.  You may also notice that available Marriage Records will vary within each state, county to county.  For example, Marriage Records are available in California, but only for certain counties.  In records where there is available marriage information, you can access the names of the bride and groom, along with the date of marriage, and location.  Along with Birth Records & Social Security Numbers, Marriage Records are some of the most difficult records to find online for free.  The availability varies not only state to state, but also county to county.  If you are unable to gain access in your particular search area, want to search by name, or simply want instant results, you can perform a complete background check by typing the individual's name into the right-hand premium search box. 

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