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Where should I start to search for someone?

If you are reading this then you probably have already found that attempting to "Google" someone isn’t a very effective or efficient way of finding their whereabouts.  The information is out there, usually, but so scattered that it takes a very long, frustrating time to find what you’re looking for.  

Background Check Elite's database is different.  We maintain, catalog and manage a surplus of free people finder resources.  If you’re doing a general people search, you can start with a few of our staffs’ and user base favorites:






If you need more in depth information, you will need to use the search box to access our database engine…

How Do I Use Background Check Elite's Search Box as a Free People Finder?

For most people searches we recommend selecting "Skiptracing" for your SEARCH TYPE in the left-hand search box, followed by "Federal" for your LOCATION TYPE.  Some of the resources you will want to access won't be found if you select a specific state.  You will notice upon receiving your results that you have a number of resource options.  You will be able use these resources to search for people through a variety of methods. 

If you are searching for someone that may be listed as a missing person, then of course the most relevant SEARCH TYPE to select is the "Missing Persons" resource.  In some cases, you will want to use multiple search types. 

By the way, what is Skiptracing?

We get that question a lot.  Although it originally started as slang for a criminal who had “skipped” bail bond and was missing, these days skiptracing is simply the more general process of finding a person whose whereabouts are unknown. 

Hence, we recommend to select the "Skiptracing" resource type when you are trying to find a person whose whereabouts are unknown, not just bonded criminals who have fled or failed to appear (FTA).

In professional circles, skiptracing is often used by PI's, detectives, and other law enforcement officers (LEOs) who seek to locate a person, or "skips".  Often it references someone who has "gone missing" on purpose for a particular purpose, such as a debtor. 

What is the easiest & fastest way to find someone if I know their full name?

By far the easiest and fastest way to find someone at Background Check Elite is to input the person's full name (only the last is required) in the right-hand search box.  It isn't necessary to select a state, but is recommended and will narrow your search results.

How do I know that the name in the results is indeed the person that I'm searching for, after all, many people share the same name?

Great question, the search results will show you not only the person’s name, but known relatives, age, and middle name or initial,  previous addresses and much more so you can be sure you found the exact individual that you are searching for at Background Check Elite.