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What To Know About Performing A Free Vital Records Search Online:

Vital Records are the "major life event" records, which include Birth Records (birth certificates), Marriage Records (marriage licenses), Divorce Records (divorce decrees) and Death Records (death certificates).  Vital Records are recorded and maintained by governmental authority, predominately at the local & state level.  Many states protect and restrict the release of vital records, and thus, only a few states and counties make Vital Records available online.  Thus, Vital Records are very difficult and time consuming to find online.  However, in many cases, if you know what to look for, where to look, and how to look, any type of Vital Record can be found in some detail.  We are not implying that you can expect to locate official photocopies of birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, or death certificates online, but what we are telling you that in MANY cases you are able to find some of the essential data included on those documents.  Depending on which Vital Record you are searching for at the moment, you may might want to reference that specific Vital Record  "search" article in the knowledge base section of our website.  The names and links to these articles are below:

·         Free Birth Records Search

·         Free Marriage Records Search

·         Free Divorce Records Search

·         Free Death Records Search

These articles provide relevant background information on each vital record, as well as effective search methods, and of course, how to find a mass of record specific resources Background Check Elite.

Lets Skip The Tutorials, How Can Perform A Free Vital Records Search Right Now?

As you now know, only a few states and counties make Vital Records available online.  Aside from these registries, there are a number of third party databases and directories that contain a range of Vital Records data.  Background Check Elite contains each and every one of these resources in its systematized database.  In other words, if it’s available to the public, and legal, we have it.  You can access these resources FOR FREE by using our drop down menus in the left-hand search box, or from our Resource Type page.  From the search you will need to select a SEARCH TYPE (ex. Public Records) and given LOCATION (ex. Alabama).  You will find different Vital Records resources through different SEARCH TYPES.  Birth Records and Death Records resources can be found by selecting "Vital Records" as your SEARCH TYPE.  You will notice that Marriage Records and Divorce Records resources are located under "Marriage & Divorce Records" despite the fact that they are considered Vital Records.  Your search results are more relevant to your search query this way.  There are a number of techniques that you might need to know, as well as other specific other SEARCH TYPES that you will want to select depending on your investigation.  We outline these specifics in the Knowledge Base articles listed above.  If you want instant results, because you have grown tired of researching, or wanted to search right away by someone's name, simply type the individual's name into the search box on the right-hand side, marked premium. 

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