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How can I use Background Check Elite to perform an instant background check?

The best way to perform an instant background check at Background Check Elite is by typing in the name of the individual in the right-hand search box.  Providing the full name and state of residence for the person is not a requirement, but is recommended to help narrow your search results.  The search results will list any available person with that name, and state if applicable.  To help you identify the specific person you are searching for, you will see the last known age, middle name, or initial, previous addresses and known relatives of your search request so you can be sure you found exactly who you are searching for.  This is done so you don't run a background check on the wrong person (with the same name). 

The left-hand search box is used to search manually through individual records resources in specific locations, such as Arrest Records in Texas.  This is technically not an instant background check, as you will have to run checks through many different records in different databases, and sometimes through different states.  Our database is extremely large, so depending on the scope of your search, it may take you some significant time to complete your investigation.  The good news is you can run as many different searches as you like; there is no limit, and searching is completely free.

If you are trying to decide between using the free service (the left search box) and the premium service (the right search box), the question is: how much is your time worth, and what are your investigation needs? If you are looking for an easy,  complete and instant background check, type the name of the individual into the right hand box and click the "Instant Search" button.

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