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What Should I Know About Searching For Public Inmate Records Online?

Public Inmate Records are readily available for persons incarcerated at correctional facilities.  These inmate records are made available through free inmate online locators and free online search engines where users can search by name, or inmate ID number. On the Federal level, the Federal Bureau of Prisons consists of 115 institutions and is home to more than 200,000 federal offenders.  Fewer than 20% of these federal offenders reside in local jails, or privately managed & community based facilities.  The Federal inmate locator search provides access to records of present inmates to all the aforementioned facilities, as well as records of past inmates from 1982 to the present.  Inmate records before 1982 were non-digital, and therefore can only be accessed by written search requests.  Researching historical inmate records is very useful when investigating an individual's Criminal History.  Online access is not exclusive to Federal Prisons, but is also quite accessible through databases for state and county facilities.  However, unlike Federal prisons, most county and state facilities do not include historical inmates’ records, as most include current data only.  Thus, if you are investigating someone's criminal history, and want to find if someone was incarcerated at one point in their past, it can be a struggle to uncover this information if they served time in a county or state facility. 

How To Access Inmate Records At Background Check Elite?

The database at Background Check Elite maintains a compilation all available Inmate Records that are available online to the public.  To access these resources simply select "Inmate Records" for your SEARCH TYPE, followed by a given LOCATION in the left-hand search box, marked Free Service.   For your location selection, you can select any state, or "Federal" which will include any federal resources available like the Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator.  Selecting a specific state for your LOCATION will yield results exclusive to that selected state.  These results will include county resources as well.  For example, presently our database yields 23 different results for "California Inmate Records"; these resources include statewide inmate locators as well as specific county resources.  Resources, such as Vinelink  give access to statewide databases that enable you to find inmate location, release date, and parole detail.

Searching for Inmate Records, especially available historical data is an important part in investigating a person's criminal history. If you want further information about the individual or specific details related to their crime(s) you can type their name into our right-hand search box marked Premium.  This search gives instant results that can include details about the individual's specific offense, arrest charges, sentence, etc.  From here, you can other reports like an exhaustive criminal records report that include nationwide criminal records, civil lawsuits, etc. as well as a complete background check.