Free Background Check

Tenant Background Check

Why do Landlords Conduct Tenant Background Checks?

A Tenant Background Check is conducted to verify the identity & personal history of a prospective tenant to properly access their qualifications and elicit any red flags, such as a criminal history, or bad financial history. 

Do I Need To Perform Background Screening On A Potential Tenant?

No one can predict the future, and some tenants aren’t a problem waiting to happen, but it’s nearly impossible to know which ones will be a problem without a tenant background screen.  Being a landlord is a business, and it’s important to use the information that is readily available to you to make the best decision you can on your potential tenant.  Especially when the information is free!  Bear in mind some of these potential scenarios...

·         Depositing even a few bad checks from tenants can cause landlords to get their checking account(s) blacklisted with Chex Systems, Inc.,  Chex Systems (pronounced “check systems”) is a network of Financial Institutions who regularly share information on mishandled checking, or savings accounts.  Far more serious than negative items on your credit report, negative items in Chex Systems can impinge one's banking history and make it virtually impossible to open new accounts with other banks.

·         Tenants can use fake or stolen licenses to help to impersonate someone else, then run off with months of unpaid rent.  Gypsy tenants are individuals who specialize in living in a locale for several month, then disappear without notice.  Gypsy tenants usually appear well-mannered and polished, and plan to use the residence for illegal activities such as prostitution, or even sublease the property out to other unsuspecting victims for profit.

·         Many landlords mistakenly believe that they are protected by their tenancy agreement, only to be the next victim used as revolving line of tenant scams among other unsuspecting landlords.  The tenant disappears with no job, assets, or forwarding address to pursue.

·         Tenants can use sophisticated techniques to fool even experienced landlords and have a wide range of scams in their arsenal such as websites that will provide them with false resumes or employment history, or any number of friends that can pose as a former landlord through a fake ID, or falsified paperwork.

·         Often, even worse than a tenant that disappears is one that will not leave.  Many states have very strong tenant protection laws.  Even if a tenant steps in the residence for one day and never pay you any money, it can take several months (in some cases up to a year) to have them legally removed.  Add to this the time, cost and frustration of navigating the court system, law suits, attorney and court fees, property damage, and lost revenue, and a bad tenant can quickly become a business disaster for a landlord.

·         Even if no tenant fraud is being committed, landlord references are often suspect as some landlords simply want to get rid of bothersome tenants.